In Loving Memory of Scotty Cowan
Scotty Cowan passed away suddenly on 6/16/2014 in his honor and memory the family has chosen to keep this website live so that his philosophies and principles regarding the humane treatment of horses are available to all of those who seek to learn techniques that foster loving, happy animals. 

All e-book proceeds will be donated to Save The Animals Rescue (S.T.A.R. Ranch) A refuge for abused and neglected horses.


eBook Shoeing Secrets for the Farrier

The Revolutionary Approach to Training Horses for The Farrier ~ Using The Herd Wisdom

What happens when the old oppressive egoic attitude of conquering nature is removed from the relationship between humans and horses? What becomes possible when horses are no longer captured?

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Top 10 Farriers’ Secrets Set

Top 10 Farriers’ Secrets Set can transform farrier work for you; whether you trim your own horses or shoe professionally. Purchase all 10 Secrets in a set at half off the individual price ...

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Top 5 Farrier Secrets for Barefoot Trimmers

Any horse owner or person who handles horses - veterinarian or barn owner, for instance - can benefit from these proven techniques to help horses learn to trust you and cooperate with you quickly.

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The Way of the Peaceful Farrier | Video Blog

"Training horses for farriers and training farriers for horses"